KOSMOS Coaches

The KOSMOS Conference Coaches have been a crucial part of the KOSMOS Conference guiding participants though the treasure quest. Here we document the training programme the Student Coaches went though prior of the KOSMOS Conference in its original form:

1st Self-study phase June 6th to June 27th 2019


We provide you with basic literature on SDGs via platform n which you work through inde-pendently and according to your own time management until the first workshop. To support you, we will provide you with guiding questions and the opportunity to discuss the content in advance via the platform.

2nd Workshop June, 28th & 29th 2019

We get to know each other as a group, you meet your SDG co-moderator personally and you familiarize yourself with your role for the KOSMOS conference. In methodically backed blocks we then work together on different topics concerning the SGDs:
• Origin of the SDGs
• Underlying indicators of the SDGs
• Conflicts and contradictions within and between SGDs

In between we pause again and again, reflect on the methods we use and discuss how you can use them for your tasks as moderators.


3rd Self-study phase July 1st to August 22nd 2019

You will use the in-depth literature on SDGs provided by us as a starting point for your own re-search and become experts for your respective SDGs. The platform n offers you the possibility to organize yourself as a team. In addition, we provide you with compilations of methods that you can browse to find the moderation methods that fit your tasks.


4th Workshop August 23rd & 24th 2019

Now it’s getting real: We take a close look at the individual phases of the Treasure Quest and test suitable moderation methods. You put your expertise on your respective SDGs to the test and together we get to the bottom of possible fears concerning your big task. Once these fears have been eliminated, you will be perfectly equipped for the KOSMOS conference with your in-depth knowledge and extensive methodological competence!